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CNC Machining

The latest technology means you can expect any type of high quality, repeatable machining. We want to be your CNC machining and die casting service one-stop service.
CNC Machining
Qingdao Zheng An Li Metal Manufacturing Co., LTD.offers internal CNC machining as a complement to our die casting services. These CNC machines are ready for product assembly with custom parts.
What is CNC Machining?
Computer numerical control (CNC) machining is a machining method used in manufacturing, its speed and versatility of other traditional processing methods can't provide. These automated machines perform precision machining with astonishing repeatability. In the die casting industry, CNC machining is used to modify die casting parts and produce features that cannot be produced in die casting molds. This allows us to tailor parts to our customers' specific needs.

CNC machining is useful for removing rounded edges and drawing angles, which are usually required to complete high pressure die casting processes. Our CNC machining service can effectively remove these elements and improve the overall surface quality of products.

We have the most advanced processing technology, fully automated operator can load/unload parts and perform the necessary quality inspection.
Types of Machining
Multi-Point Drilling

Multi-Point Tapping



Lathe and Turning

Get everything you need from Qingdao Zheng An Li Metal Manufacturing Co., LTD.
Qingdao Zheng An Li Metal Manufacturing Co., LTD.is your all die casting and CNC machining requirements of one-stop service. Through our CNC machining services, you can be obtained from a supplier to ensure the high quality of products.
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