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National policies promote the smooth upgrading of mechanical components.

National policies promote the smooth upgrading of mechanical components.

Issue Time:2019-05-28
Mechanical parts, also known as mechanical basic parts, are the basic units that are not separable to form a machine or machine, mainly including bearings, gears, hydraulic parts, transmission parts, fasteners, springs, molds, and so on.
In recent years, with the continuous deepening of the development of the manufacturing industry, mechanical parts, which are an important part of machinery manufacturing, have also developed rapidly. With the help of the state and enterprises, they have gradually grown into a full-scale and solid scale. industry.
On the one hand, due to the late start and weak strength, domestic component companies have accumulated many inherent problems. On the other hand, industrial upgrading in the new era has brought many new requirements and new challenges. Under the trouble of old and new problems, the development of China's mechanical parts industry is also facing difficult choices. Where is the future development path? Worth thinking!
China's mechanical parts development and growth
When it comes to the development of mechanical parts in China, it cannot be described as smooth sailing. In 2015, the domestic machinery parts industry market has fallen into a trough. However, as China became the world's second largest economy, the production and manufacturing links of various countries gradually gathered in China. China has gradually become the center of world manufacturing, and mechanical parts have ushered in new development.
Driven by new development opportunities, China's mechanical parts industry has gradually recovered from 2016. In 2017, it has achieved a steady and steady growth. Today, the market development of China's mechanical parts and components has reached a new high, and it has achieved very gratifying results. Development results.
It is understood that as of 2018, in terms of market development, China's machinery parts and components enterprises have exceeded 10,000, more than 5,000 enterprises above designated size, more than 200 major backbone enterprises, annual sales of more than 250 billion yuan, exports Nearly more than 7 billion US dollars, China's mechanical parts sales have been ranked in the forefront of the world, becoming a veritable country in the manufacture of basic components.
In terms of technology and management, with an average annual growth rate of 20% in the market, China's mechanical parts industry has significantly improved its technology, and its product structure has been continuously optimized and upgraded. At the same time, the company has also strengthened its advanced equipment and technology. The introduction, paying attention to the quality management and employee training of enterprises, gradually moving from extensive management to refined management, enhancing the overall strength of enterprises and industries, domestic development is getting better and better, and the future market potential is unlimited.
Various issues in the new era began to gather
However, although the development trend of China's mechanical parts market has begun to turn positive, in the course of many years of development, some problems accumulated by enterprises still restrict the speed of the industry. The obvious performance is that the industry is big but not strong, and the structural contradictions are prominent.
At this stage, the scale of China's mechanical parts industry development is indeed very large, and is still expanding, but the overall strength is not tough except for foreign companies and products.
In terms of general-purpose parts, the quality, stability, reliability and consistency of the products are quite different. The life expectancy is only 30%-70% of the foreign production, and the production capacity is insufficient. The products are mainly concentrated in the middle and low-grade, and the industrial institutions are very unreasonable. . In terms of key components, the products are almost dependent on imports, the lack of core technology, the scarcity of talents, and the long-term exposure of Chinese enterprises to people.
Of course, the imperfect supply chain, high production costs, lack of core technology, product quality and capacity can not keep up, weak production capacity of key components, etc., are just some old problems. Nowadays, with the emergence of various intelligent technologies, the continuous release of green safety production demand, and the growing awareness of energy saving and emission reduction, the development of mechanical parts also needs to face the new challenges brought by intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing.
National policies help new industry upgrades
Then, in the face of the grim situation of "the old disease has not been removed, the new disease has increased", who can become the promoter of the development of China's mechanical parts industry? The answer is the Chinese government.
Nowadays, the situation that the basic components are seriously lagging behind the development of the mainframe and the basic components cannot keep up with the new requirements of the times has attracted more and more attention from the state. The Chinese government has especially listed the development of components as the development of the equipment manufacturing industry. Strategic issues and a series of policies for this purpose.
Among them, the implementation of the "Mechanical Basic Parts Industry Revitalization Implementation Plan", "Mechanical Basic Parts, Mechanical Basic Industry and Basic Materials" Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan, etc., highlighted the technical breakthroughs for key components and zero The overall technological development level of the components has been comprehensively upgraded, actively guiding and breaking through the long-standing inherent problems, and creating a favorable policy environment for the development of mechanical components.
What is important is the release of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”. The planning content not only mentions the four major 2025 goals of technological breakthroughs, quality improvement, industrial upgrading and market development, but also includes the development of new and old issues. Going to the e-commerce platform, "Internet + parts and components" and other new ideas and concepts, all aspects from R & D and sales to sales services are included in the upgrade plan, and the upgrade of the mechanical parts industry has been detailed and effective. Deployment and promotion.
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