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Talk about the pain of the construction machinery parts industry!

Talk about the pain of the construction machinery parts industry!

Issue Time:2019-05-28
After our equipment is bought home, no matter whether it is maintenance or repair, it is inseparable from the accessories. During the warranty period, the manufacturer must use the original accessories to enjoy the warranty. After the warranty period, the owner can choose the source of the accessories.

Roughly estimated, the annual sales of the accessories market is 200 billion yuan. The huge cake attracts many manufacturers, companies and individuals to participate in. Various accessories channels, uneven quality, and different prices make the accessories market chaotic. Clumping, also brought a lot of troubles and pains to the owners, expensive, cheap, good quality, poor quality... How should the owners choose? Let's start with the accessories channel.

The source of construction machinery parts is very complicated, including so-called original parts, OEM parts, deputy parts, high imitation parts (removing parts, refurbished parts are not discussed). Before we understand the pain of parts, we must first Do you understand what these things mean?

The original parts are as the name suggests, that is, the same accessories as the original car. This type of accessory is the best in the aftermarket and the most expensive one, because it is almost identical to the one that was assembled at the factory, and the parts that are assembled on the new machine come from the same line. The same technical standards, the same quality. We call it the regular army in the accessories.

OEM means original equipment manufacturer, commonly known as "OEM". There are tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of accessories in a single device. It is impossible to develop and manufacture so many parts from the whole machine factory. Therefore, the OEM model appears, and the whole machine factory is responsible for the main design and development of the control equipment. And standard setting, the OEM factory is responsible for producing parts according to the design and standards of the OEM, of course, the OEM factory is authorized by the whole machine factory. Most of the components in the contemporary construction machinery industry are produced by OEM. These accessories produced in the foundry will eventually have two destinations. First, the LOGO of the whole machine factory will be sent to the whole machine factory. The original parts, the second is to use their own brand packaging to flow into the accessories market, this is the OEM parts. The characteristic of OEM parts is that the product quality is the same as the original one (the only difference is that there is no original LOGO). Because there is a part of the original brand added value, the price is generally cheaper than the original one. We call it a mercenary.

The deputy factory is also the product of the foundry. The difference between it and the OEM is that the foundry has not obtained the authorization of the whole machine, nor does it produce the parts according to the technical standards of the whole machine. Therefore, the auxiliary parts are only supplied to the parts. The market, but can not enter the door of the whole machine factory. There are many factories in China. They find some common accessories and come back to develop molds, make simple production equipment, carry out workshop-style production, and then sell their own brands to the accessories market. Such brand parts are generally low in price and uneven in quality. They are also a good choice for those who are pursuing cheap, because such deputy factory parts are at least genuine goods with low prices and low quality routes. We call it civilian armed.

High imitation refers to the packaging of inferior quality parts into original or high-end brands, posing as original parts or high-end brand parts. To put it bluntly, this is a fake and shoddy product, which is very scary. The Chinese people's ability to counterfeit is notorious in the world, and packaging can be done in a real way. Even professionals are hard to distinguish. The hard-hit areas of high-imitation parts are the oil and maintenance market. We call it a counterfeit army.

Understand the various accessories channels, we officially began to say the pain of accessories. In my opinion, there are mainly three major points. If you say something is not complete or wrong, you are welcome to criticize and correct in the message area.

1. Really expensive, expensive?
Let me talk about it really expensive! The so-called really refers to the original accessories that are the regular army. Original parts are often the best in terms of performance matching and quality, and of course the price is also the most expensive.
The original accessories are well known, but where is it expensive? Personal opinions are expensive in the following items, welcome to add.

1: R & D quality control, research and development costs are pre-investment, before the production of accessories, it is necessary to invest a lot of manpower and material resources for research and development, design the various accessories suitable for the whole machine, and hand over the drawings to OEM manufacturers for production. In the later quality control, large manufacturers are more stringent and stricter than small factories or workshops, and are also a part of the high price of original parts.
2: Various management costs, warehousing management, logistics management, personnel management, etc., must be spread to the price of accessories, but also take into account profits. (The profit margin of original parts is lower than that of deputy parts and counterfeit parts)
3: The chain is long. Every original spare part has to go through the long chain to get to the owner. OEM - main engine factory - agent - branch office of all levels - the owner, in this chain, each The link will generate expenses and taxes, and a certain amount of profit will remain. This price is naturally rising at a higher level. The longer the chain, the more expensive the price. There are other reasons why other original accessories are expensive, welcome to add.

Let’s talk about it, is it true?
You said that you spent the price of the original accessories, is it really the original accessories used on your machine? You said that I saw the after-sales service personnel put the accessories on my equipment, how can there be a fake?
Have you heard of the story of a civet cat changing for a prince? I believe that a very small number of after-sales service personnel will be guilty of seeing it here. Is it something that has been revealed?

Is this so expensive and true?
When you next maintain it, remember to check the accessories first, although you may not be able to tell the difference between true and false...

2. The appearance of true and false is difficult to distinguish the quality is uneven
The accessories are basically divided into original parts, OEM parts, deputy parts, high imitation parts, etc. Just said that the original parts are expensive, so many machine owners will choose OEM parts or deputy parts after the equipment is out of warranty.
1: The original parts and counterfeit parts are difficult to distinguish
2: The quality of the deputy parts is uneven

Let's talk about the original parts and high imitation parts. Most of the original parts are still much better than the high imitation parts. If you carefully distinguish them, you will find clues. However, some of the high imitation parts are more beautiful than the original ones.

Some people say that the accessories of the manufacturers have anti-counterfeiting labels, which I can recognize at a glance. That is why you don't know how to make a fake. Nowadays, the appearance of falsification has reached the point of realism, putting a high imitation accessory into the real accessory, or putting a real accessory into the high imitation accessory, sometimes even the master can not tell. There is also a part of the raccoon cat that was just mentioned, not only for maintenance parts, but also for other accessories.

High imitations bring us the most harm, and sometimes it is difficult to prevent. In some dealers, when the boss buys, the boss will remind you that this is cheap, but I do not guarantee the quality. However, some black-hearted sellers will also sell high-imitation parts as original parts or deputy parts to consumers.
Let's talk about OEM parts and deputy parts. OEM parts are actually the favorite of the owners, and basically the most sold accessories. Because their quality is no different from the original one, but the price has a big advantage.
The deputy factory parts have their own regular manufacturers, but the quality is slightly different, that is, the quality control is not good, some can be used for a long time, and some are bad. Most of the choices for such accessories are those that operate on a smaller scale and often account for operating costs.

There is also a very interesting phenomenon here. I believe many of my friends have also encountered it. Many original accessories, the OEM has no warranty period, and the deputy factory can give a long warranty period. For example, this accessory is bad for half a year. You can get it back, I can change it for you.
Which accessory do you use the most?

3. The phenomenon of fraud is serious, it is difficult to fight fake

Driven by interests, counterfeit and shoddy products are flooding. Every year, the industrial and commercial departments of various places are constantly investigating counterfeit and shoddy accessories. Some industry enterprises are also actively participating in the disclosure of fraudulent incidents, but the winds of accessories fraud are still prevalent.

Another example is that since 2011, Doosan (China) has set off a fake storm, which has brought great positive effects to the industry. In July 2012, Doosan and the law enforcement departments of Nanchang, Baotou, Yantai, Jinan, Dongguan and other industrial and commercial administrations carried out special campaigns for counterfeiting Doosan's products nationwide, and cracked down on five counterfeit production and sales companies. Recover the direct economic losses of customers over 1 million yuan.

Of course, counterfeiting cannot rely solely on manufacturers, and more depends on consumers and users. Most consumers think that the original parts are expensive and they are not willing to buy the original parts. They can choose OEM parts or deputy parts, but fake and shoddy parts must not be touched.

I have said so much here, in fact, I want to tell you that the water in the accessories market is very deep, but there are some rules to be found. If you don't know anything about accessories, it is best to buy original parts or OEM parts directly; if you want to save money, then buy a deputy factory parts, it is best not to involve safe and easy to wear parts; as for high imitation, refurbished parts can not be prevented, not formal The price of the channel or the unusual temptation may make you buy fakes.
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